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Make your hiring process more efficient with Provitrac. Our cloud-based online system and helps you in the following ways:

Time and Cost Saving:

  • Post jobs easily to your website
  • Save excess advertising dollars with targeted job listings
  • Use job templates to save time creating listings
  • Share job listings and requirements automatically with relevant departments for clear communication
  • Save paper and mailing costs using an online system
  • Automatically select candidates based on the qualifications you specify
  • Notify candidates by email at every stage so they know where they are in the hiring process
  • Generate offer letters when a candidate is hired
  • Store all the data in a single database that is easy to manage, search and update
  • Create customized reports for EEO and other required administrative actions

Fast Recruitment:

  • Distribute job postings to multiple sites in a few simple clicks
  • Score and rank each applicant based on preset criteria or company preference
  • Verify information obtained online
  • Save applicant data to locate important information quickly
  • Distribute information quickly using your company Intranet
  • Track the progress of the hiring process
  • Communicate between hiring team members to effectively select the best candidate
  • Grant administrator only access to the database for security purposes

Controlled Hiring:

  • Hire candidates according to job requirements and criteria rather than personal preferences
  • Have the system track the progress and automate some elements of the hiring process
  • Store and quickly access applicant information
  • Have the system alert you to required steps and documentation

Easy Reporting:

Provitrac integrates easily with other systems and applications to gather necessary data. It produces a variety of reports automatically or upon request. Easily generate the reports you need.

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